The Journey: Episode One

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

So if you do not already know, I was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2016. For a long time, it has been out of control. I wanted to try to change my lifestyle so I could avoid insulin, but I could not keep myself accountable and I kept falling off the bandwagon. This is the documentation of my journey with diabetes.

Since my most recent appointment with my endocrinologist on Jan 23, I have been on insulin. I wanted to avoid poking myself every day if I could, but it was not possible. I was originally put on Ozempic back in Oct 2019, but it was over $400 for one pen that lasted a month. I liked Ozempic because it was one shot a week, but that price was ridiculous. I felt a lot better on Ozempic than just taking my pills and I was sad that I could not continue to afford it.

I am not a big fan of my insulin, but thankfully it is just once a day at bedtime. Some times I hit a nerve and it hurts really bad. Some times there is no pain at all. My doctor had me start off with 20 units for five days and if my blood sugar first thing in the morning was not under 125mg/dl then I had to up it five units for five more days and just keep monitoring. I have gotten to 30 units so far and I am surprised that it is working very well just not as well as we want it to right now. We are trying to find my sweet spot right now.

My prescription for insulin was over $1000 to get all of my boxes. I have no idea why they wanted me to take all of my prescription one time and charge me one time. But I was able to find a savings card online that made it possible to just get one box at a time for $99. That is much more affordable for me. My health insurance completely sucks.

I am not a fan of poking myself every night with insulin and then checking my blood sugar in the morning. All this poking hurts.

So far I weigh about 190lbs and I’m trying to get down to 160lbs by December 2020. I definitely want to have an update section with my measurements and weight as well as a post of my goals.

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