The Journey: Episode Ten

MAY 16, 2020

So I haven’t posted a journey update in the last two weeks.

Things have been pretty hectic. Boy’s Day, Mother’s Day, my sister leaving for a month. It’s all kind of added up. To start, my health is okay. It’s not the best but it’s okay. I am now up to 70 freaking units of insulin each night. My blood sugar isn’t getting better in the morning. A couple days ago my fasting blood sugar was almost 200! I don’t eat or drink anything after 8pm except water and still it’s high.

We’ve been having kind of later dinners, we’ve been losing track of time. The days are getting longer and the sky stays lighted later now so I’ve been confused lately. Also, my husband and I bought an xBox One last week and we’ve been playing video games while we’re in the house bored. We’ve been having issues with my other sister who is being a bum these days. The stress has been pretty high lately. I’m starting to worry that all this stress is the reason my sugar has been skyrocketing. When we were living in a cottage by ourselves my blood sugar was manageable and within reasonable range with my insulin. Since we moved back in to my grandma’s it has suddenly gone up and up and up even when my insulin goes up and up and up. This is very frustrating.

I’ve been trying to do breathing exercises, meditation and other techniques to get my stress levels down but it doesn’t really seem to be helping. Besides that, my sister is also making preparations to move up to Missouri with her husband.

He’s in the Army currently in training and she’s still here in Hawaii working. The plan is for her to move up completely by August then they’re in Missouri for a month or two until he gets his duty station then they’re off. I’m a little sad that she’s going to be leaving. We’ve spent our whole lives so far within driving distance of each other and during this lockdown we’ve been living in the same house for a couple months. I’d be lying if I said that I won’t be missing her. The fact that we now only have a couple months left is pretty daunting and what’s worse is that she’s visiting him in Missouri until June so she’ll be there for a whole month. She decided to go up no to move the bulk of her things up so when she’s ready to move by August she won’t have to take a lot of things with her. She’s also taking her cat up there and I’m going to miss her cat very much, she’s a roach hunter and we have lots of roaches.

She’s quarantining two weeks up there but she couldn’t find a cheap flight that took less than 24 hours of travel to come back before early June so she’s stuck there until then. Then she’s gonna fly in to the Kona airport and we have to drive out there to get her and bring her home. Then she has a month to get the last of her things packed and say her goodbyes before she leaves for greater adventures.

When she leaves, my husband and I are going to move in to her room so we have to rearrange things, clean, and move our things in to there. All while my husband isn’t working right now because of Coronavirus. We finally got our unemployment benefits and we have food stamps but we still have a bit of bills that we couldn’t get deferred that we need to pay for. I finally got MedQuest insurance so while they don’t cover my insulin, they at least cover the rest of my medication so that’s a bit of a load off our wallets.

That’s pretty much what’s been happening right now. I feel like my health is spiraling out of control and I can’t control what’s going on. This lockdown has got me feeling a little helpless.

2 thoughts on “The Journey: Episode Ten

    • Thank you for your comment! It’s so nice to know that someone else can relate to the journey. I was starting to wonder if I was even reaching out to any other diabetics. I’m so glad that this can help you in some way through your own journey.


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