How to Make the Most of Your Mornings

As a diabetic, you may come across a few days where everything just isn’t going right. Maybe your fasting blood sugar is through the roof. Maybe your test strips aren’t cooperating and you need to take another drop. Maybe you forgot to take your insulin, AGAIN.

Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up to start the day, but don’t let it be sugar. Instead, let’s try to start our day off on the right foot and make the most of our mornings. Some habits, tips, and advice you can utilize each night and every morning to make sure your day starts right are listed below.

1. Make sure you wake up early every morning.

If you start work at 8am and your commute is one hour, you’ll definitely want to wake up early. A 5am wake up can do wonders for your day. You’ll have enough time in the morning to get ready, eat a hardy and healthy breakfast, and make sure you’re ready for your day before you get to work.

Waking up later can cause unnecessary stress and you won’t be able to eat breakfast which will upset your entire day. Obviously, this means you should be going to sleep early the night before. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and you’ll be golden in the morning.

2. Smile as soon as you wake up.

Even if you’re not happy when you wake up, you have one good reason to smile. You woke up this morning! As a diabetic, we could risk low blood sugar in our sleep and a severe low can cause us to go into a diabetic coma, and you won’t be waking up from that for a while.

Starting your morning with a smile can instantly make you feel better and what’s better than starting your morning with positivity? Well lots of things, but that’s besides the point. The point is, you want to start your day off with positivity and a smile.

3. Drink a glass of water before you do anything.

Have you ever woken up in the morning thirstier than the Sahara? How long did you take to get some water? Was it even water or was it coffee, tea, etc? Hydration is that breath of fresh air in the morning that you didn’t even know you needed. Your body will thank you.

Put a glass of water close to your bed every night. Take the necessary precaution against creepy crawlies and any sudden movements while sleeping to ensure your water stays fresh and in your cup the next morning.

4. Have some quiet time while you’re getting ready.

When you wake up early enough in the morning, you’re able to start your day off right, have enough time to get ready without rushing, and feel all around less stressed. While you’re getting ready, give yourself some quiet time to enjoy your morning while you get ready.

Hopefully, you’re able to wake up and get ready without waking anyone else up. Peace and quiet before the hustle and bustle of the day will be very refreshing.

5. Make your bed and open your windows.

Fresh air and the morning light can make your mood instantly better and your room will look tidier. I don’t like to come home from a long day to a messy room. It makes me feel grumpy. Skip the grumpy and spend the time in the morning to make your bed. Even if your insides feel like a mess, accomplishing this one simple task can make you feel like even if the rest of your day is crappy you’ve achieved at least one thing today.

6. Put on some lively music to get your energy and mood up.

Now that you’re all ready for your day, you look wonderful by the way, now is the time to get your energy up for the rest of your morning. Make your favorite morning beverage to some upbeat music to get you going for your day.

Turn on your radio, bluetooth speaker, or just blast your phone and start making your cup of coffee or tea. My personal favorite is Today’s Hits radio on Pandora with a nice cup of green tea. Keep playing that music for the next few tips too.

7. Go over your schedule and To Do list for the day.

What do you have planned for the day? Does shopping need to be done? Is your shopping list complete? With your warm beverage in hand, now is the perfect time to make sure you know what’s going on today. Don’t forget work, the kids, school, classes, activities, shopping, and anything else you have jam-packed in to your day.

If you have to coordinate with someone else during the day, make sure you’re all on the same page for what’s going on. Get all the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, why’s, and how’s. Getting it done now, is better than doing it one hour before you’re supposed to meet up.

8. Make sure you get a healthy breakfast in.

If you’re not hungry, have a smoothie instead. Watch out for the carbs and sodium in the morning, you don’t want to have too much in your first meal of the day. Go for fruits, fiber, and proteins to make you feel fuller and to keep that feeling through the day.

9. Get dinner sorted in the morning.

Getting everything ready for dinner in the morning will help save you time at the end of the day. You’re probably going to be tired when you come home and you might want to take the easy way out and get take out. This can get costly and may be an unhealthier option.

Instead, get the meat out of the freezer and in to the fridge in the morning. Have some extra time? Get the spices and dry ingredients out on to the counter, cut your veggies and put them in a container in the fridge, get your recipe out and make sure you have everything. This will save you so much time later in the day. My husband and I talk about what we’re having for dinner at breakfast and then we get the ingredients ready. By 4pm, everything is ready to go we just need to cook it. No scrambling through what we have and thawing what we need to, it’s already done.

10. Do some morning meditation to center yourself before starting your day.

I put this one last because you can do this at any time of your morning. When you wake up, you can do this in bed. Have to use the bathroom? Do it on the toilet. I’m kidding, of course. Meditate after you get ready, before or after breakfast, or before you step out of your house. Literally any time of the morning is a good time to recenter yourself.

Hopefully these tips can help you make the most of your mornings. I’m trying to do these myself. I’ve found my hormones have been out of balance and I’m hoping that if I do these things, I can rebalance my hormones and that can help with my diabetes and weight loss. If these tips can help me, maybe they can help you too.

I’ll make another post about hormones and how having balance with your hormones can affect your diabetes, because remember, insulin is a hormone too!

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