Season Three: Episode Three

JANUARY 24, 2022

Nothing much to report. This past week I’ve had a couple of high blood sugar days and I can tell because I’ll get extremely thirsty, very hot, and really tired. I think it was Wednesday or Thursday, I literally slept almost the entire day. That’s not good.

I’ve been keeping up with my oral medication but without insulin, I’m pretty much on my own. I’ve restarted my Ozempic though. I’m gonna use it until my pen runs out then I won’t have anything. My insurance kicks in next month so hopefully I’ll be able to get insulin again. Hopefully.

I’ve started doing thirty minute walks with my dog. She’s a bit chunky too so the exercise will be good for both of us. Although, I think the other day I went walking without having eaten much and my sugar went a bit too low that my liver compensated. And I know this because during my walk I was getting weak and then that night I felt like I was running a temperature I was so damn hot.

But of course I’m an idiot and forgot to take my blood sugar before and after. I’ve been pretty lax on taking my blood sugar recently. Kind of really fed up with needles. I know I should get back to it, but I don’t particularly want to.

Hey, did you hear about Mark Cuban’s new pharmacy? They’re supposed to be transparent about their prices and offer medication at a cheaper cost. Unfortunately, they don’t have insulin, but they do have other medication you might be interested in. You can check it out here if you want to.

Hopefully next month things will get better. I’ll keep making good food choices and exercising when I can. I can do this. This is my health and life at stake here. I can do this!

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