What is the American History Challenge?

The American History Challenge is a list of topics in the United States of America’s history that is not normally taught in school. It’s a list of topics that I will be going through, researching, and sharing with you. I hope it will make you want to learn more about these topics as well.

We can have a healthy discourse on these topics, especially if I have gotten some things wrong. I will be using the internet after all, but I will try my best to find good reputable sources. I don’t want to control the narrative, I want to learn more about it.

Here are some topics I have so far:

– Emmett Till
– Henrietta Lacks
– Sundown Towns
– red line areas in town
– Birth of a Nation and the KKK
– Black Wall Street
– Red Summer
– Mount Rushmore
– American Buffalo extinction
– American army and indigenous people’s horses
– Tuskegee study

If you have any suggestions for more topics, please feel free to contact me with your suggestions. You can leave comments in the posts but I will not tolerate any hate. If my research is incorrect, you can let me know as an adult human should, not as a whiny, terroristic baby. Thank you.

I look forward to sharing what I find out about these topics and more.

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