Blood on the Orchids

Author: Jill Steele
Publisher: Self
Genre: mystery, thriller
Rating: ⭐️/5

If I could give this book negative stars, I would. The only redeeming feature of this book was that it wasn’t written on my home island of Hawaii. That’s it.

You can tell the author didn’t map out her characters, their relationships to each other or their roles in the story. I think one of the characters name actually changed in the book. I’m not going to check because I returned the book back to the library and I WILL NOT open it again.

It’s very choppy and unedited or at least not edited very well at all. The story is all over the place. The author starts sticking POVs from other characters in the middle of another character’s POV and then I got confused who’s POV we were in because it switched between three different people on the same page.

The author acknowledges that she had two editors, but I saw no evidence of good editing. It seemed the first couple chapters of the book were a completely different draft or something because the murder changed days within 14 pages. It went from being on Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon.

Not to mention the author misspelled several Hawaiian words that she used in her book. She names a dog in the book “Elio” after the Hawaiian word for dog – but the Hawaiian word for dog is ʻilio. Like she didn’t even try at all.

I forced myself to read the entire book to meet a reading challenge, and man do I regret this SO MUCH. Especially since I found another book that could meet that challenge and I won’t want to kill myself reading it.

I can’t in good conscience recommend this book to anyone. If you want to read a book set in Hawaii or on Hawaii Island, read something else. Like Picture Bride by Mike Mallaghan.

Reading Goal 2022

Book #14 out of 50

Reading Challenge 2022

Book written by local author

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