App Review: DMP App

Last week, I was honored to have a guest post from DMP – The Diabetes App. I decided that I would download it and see how it looked. Right off the bat, I think it’s a GREAT app! It’s visually appealing, full of useful information, and we can connect with other diabetics. Below is a detailed review of the app.

Visuals: 5/5

I love the colors they chose and the art that was used. It’s not harsh colors or lines, everything is kind of soft and smooth. It’s easy on the eyes.

Messaging System: 5/5

The messaging system is almost like text messaging. You can choose who your message goes to and just start typing. You have to make a connection with people in order to be able to message them.

Profile: 5/5

The profile is really great. You have your profile picture, username, # of posts, followers, and following right at the top. Your About section tells people what Type of Diabetes you have and when you were diagnosed. Then you can go into your Bio and you can fit a lot of information in your bio. At the bottom you can see your Recent Posts. There’s a ‘+’ button at the bottom where you can start writing a new post.

Feed: 5/5

You can access your Feed that has posts from others from groups you follow. Right now there aren’t a lot of groups. You can also go to a Type 1 or Type 2 specific daily chat from the main menu and see what other Type 2 diabetics are posting about today and you can post your encouragement, like posts, and report posts. It’s kind of like Facebook for diabetics.

Resources: 5/5

You will have a lot of access to resources like blog articles, meal plans and recipes, exercise videos, podcasts, and more. I love the exercise videos because they’re easy to follow along. I can’t wait for more videos to be added.

Overall: 5/5

You have access to so much through the app and I personally like to connect with others with Type 2 diabetes. There’s so much relatable content on the app and you can also connect with professionals like pharmacists and mental therapists. It’s a really great app and I highly recommend the app for fellow diabetics.

To download the app, click on the link below:



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Review: One Drop

I found this brand one day while I was scrolling the App Store trying to find a new app that could keep track of my diabetes management like blood sugar readings, weight, medication, and insulin dosages and notes. Then I came across One Drop. I liked how the app looked, the color scheme was appealing and had a couple of little tabs at the bottom for diabetes lessons and contacting your coach. You can also log down your food and exercise.

I downloaded it and started exploring. I found the profile tab and noticed there was a Shop Now link that took me to their store. I looked at what they had to offer. Their meter featured a chromatic, sleek style and you could sign up for monthly subscriptions for more test strips and lancets. I didn’t need more lancets since I got a whole new box for my Reli-On lancer so I just looked into getting a meter and test strips.

After purchasing a Diabetes Package, I also got access to my own diabetes coach, named Rachel. She’s been getting to know me to see where I’m at with my diabetes and what my goals are currently. She’s been giving me some really good advice too. I have also noticed that she doesn’t work on the weekends lol.

When I got the box I was very impressed with the packaging. It was very organized and aesthetically appealing. The leather holder was also very nice. The only complaint I have was that I had ordered the black accent marks on my meter and lancer, but instead I got the default orange, which I’m a little mad about. I got 100 strips in my box and another 25 in my package. It also came with 10 lancets. I didn’t need anymore than that because I still have my Reli-On lancets. As of this review, I have not tried to use the One Drop lancer on myself.

Want to order your own? Get $20 off your new subscription here!

I used my device for the first time a couple days ago. I had also bought control solution to make sure my meter was working properly before my first use, it was. The device beeps when you put the solution or blood to the test strip to let you know that it’s good and ready to process. It doesn’t require a lot of blood at all coming in at 0.5 microliters for a reading. That is such a tiny drop of blood. My TureMetrix Air also ran at 0.5 but I feel like the One Drop runs on even less because it doesn’t require the strip to be full before it’s ready to process.

You stick the strip in, prick your finger, get enough blood for a test, the meter beeps when it has enough blood and gives your results within 5 seconds. If your app is open, it automatically syncs with your device and the reading is logged down and you can enter in notes, like which finger you pricked and what you did before taking your reading.

Then the app takes your averages, for the day, 7 days, 30 days, and then each month. Really cool. You can also press the button on your meter to turn it on and check the readings on there. There is only one button the meter. Press and hold it for a few seconds and it’ll turn back off.

I haven’t used the lancer yet but it is very interesting. The cap pops right off to put a lancet inside, you pull the butt end to prime it, and you can adjust the depth of your needle as you need. The ‘+’ is deeper and the ‘-‘ is shallower pricks. Then just press the button and launch!

So far it’s under $25 (not including tax) to purchase the Diabetes Health Package and then under $25 each month for your subscription of 50 test strips each month, price varies if you add on lancets or more test strips each month. Also BONUS: they send you a brand new meter every year!

Here are some photos of what was in the box and what the app looks like. You can also watch an unboxing video on my Instagram to see how the packaging looked.


Ease of Use: 10/10

Aesthetics: 10/10

Ease of Order: 9/10
I got a little confused about ordering a glucose meter and ordering a Diabetes Package, the Diabetes Package was cheaper. The test strip and lancet subscription was a bit confusing especially since I didn’t know I was getting 125 test strips right now and I didn’t need any lancets for the timebeing.

Order Accuracy: 9/10
Marked down because even my invoice says black accent and it still came in orange.

Overall: 9.5/10
Overall, I give this app and product a 9.5/10!

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