Discounts and Referrals

Here I will be sharing some discount and referral codes to some of my favorite brands, apps, and products. I am a lover of many interests and I am always happy to jump on new things.


One Drop

Get $20 off your new subscription with One Drop. Purchase the Diabetes Package and sign up for a subscription for your test strips, lancets, or both!


A graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics and other visual content. Click the link and create your first design to earn 1 Canva Credit!

Arthemis Pet Clothing

15% Off Your Order

Get clothing and supplies for your cat or dog, including harnesses, hoodies, beds, and customized blankets.


Get your very own MyID Medical ID bracelet with a secure, online medical profile that can be updated 24/7 through the MyID app. Comes with a QR code that allows first responders to scan and acquire your medical information quickly and efficiently.

Sand Cloud

25% Off Your Order

Get towels, clothes, bags, and reusable items! Some of their products are made from recycled materials AND they donate 10% of profits to marine conservation.


10% Off Your Order

Get shoes perfect for your everyday adventures. With each purchase, 20% of net profits goes to help start businesses all around the world through affordable loans. They have helped over 3,000 businesses and they’re only getting bigger and better.


Ibotta – RPHSOTM

A cash back rewards app. Earn cash back at your favorite stores on some of your favorite products. When you earn $20, you can either have it sent to your PayPal or get a gift card to Amazon, Bath & Body Works, and more.


A rewards app based on points. If you purchase qualifying products, you will earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes, or given to charity.