goals without a plan are just dreams

Here is a list of goals I have for myself that I want to accomplish to better my health.

1. Lose 30lbs by December 2020!

Currently (2/10/20) 190lbs → 160lbs
Update (6/25/20) 209lbs → 179lbs
I have already lessened my intake of sugary drinks, now I need to lessen my rice intake, do more to get out and about, and commit to intermittent fasting. I also need to control my portions during all my meals.

2. Reach my goal weight of 130lbs by December 2021.

Just a lot more exercise, healthier diet with smaller portions, and controlling my hunger. I know I can do this!

3. Wear size 10 pants.

Currently (2/10/20) size 12/14
Update (6/25/20) size 14/15

4. Gain 100 followers by June 30, 2020.

I hope that I am able to share my blog and posts with others out there and draw in a followership that gains something from what I have to share. I also want to learn more and I am always open to learning more.

5. Get my A1C down to 6.5% by January 1, 2021.

Currently at 11% (1/30/20).
Update at 7.9% (4/30/20)
I just need to continue taking my medications and insulin injections. Hopefully when I get my blood tests in April and we see progress.