Product Reviews

I will purchase some products that are related to diabetes in some way, shape, or form and I will review them here for you to see. I will also link them so you can head over to their homepage or product page to check out the company and/or the product. I will also share a discount or promo code that I found that you could potentially use as well!

App Review: DMP App

Last week, I was honored to have a guest post from DMP – The Diabetes App. I decided that I would download it and see how it looked. Right off the bat, I think it’s a GREAT app! It’s visually appealing, full of useful information, and we can connect with other diabetics. Below is a […]

Review: One Drop

I found this brand one day while I was scrolling the App Store trying to find a new app that could keep track of my diabetes management like blood sugar readings, weight, medication, and insulin dosages and notes. Then I came across One Drop. I liked how the app looked, the color scheme was appealing […]