Big Announcement!

So I made the decision to create some sticker designs that I want to make available for you folks to purchase and stick everywhere and on everything. The stickers just came in and they look really good.

I’m super excited to have these guys up for you. These are just some of the designs I have available right now. So far I have seven stickers designed, I’m just trying to figure out how I’m going to sell them. I could create a shop page on this blog, I’m just not sure how WordPress’ shop program works and if it’s worth it. Or I could create a shop on Etsy, Square, Shopify, etc. but there are a lot of fees with those.

The other thing about this venture is that it does cost money up front to bring these stickers in, so it might be awhile before I can actually start selling these, but I definitely want to make these available for you guys.

F*CK diabetes

This design comes in red and black as well as blue and white.

It’s easily my favorite design. I figure the blue design could help identify you as Type 1 diabetic and the red design as a Type 2 diabetic.

Don’t be a PRICK

This design only comes in this coloration.

I love this design, I just wish it came as a die cut instead of a plain rectangle.

Type 2 diabetic

This is a smaller sticker that comes only in red.

My husband and I think it could come in a bigger size, but what do you think? It’s the smaller of the three.

Here are the other designs I have created, I only got these three as samples to see if the company was really all that. Needless to say, yes they are all that. The watermarks are there to protect my work from any thieves out there.

Why sell stickers?

Well I love stickers and I created these for myself, but then I loved the design so much that I thought maybe you folks might like them too. My husband likes them. He particularly likes the F*ck diabetes in red.

I’d like to hear your opinion on these stickers.