A Day in My Life (Quarantine Edition)

Here’s what my day looks like during quarantine.

Wake Up (any time between 6 and 10am)
Blood Sugar Check (between 7 and 9am)
Breakfast and get ready for the day.

Then it could be anything that needs doing around the house.
We defrosted and cleaned out our chest freezer, we’re thinking of ways of better organization for it. We’ve already cleaned out the refrigerator, so next is the cabinets and the pantry shelves. We also have to clean our car and clean the area we’re staying in at my grandma’s house. We have plans to cut down the invasive trees in the yard and break them down, that’ll involve the whole day. There’s also time to walk in the yard and harvest the fruits from the trees.

We usually finish by 2pm and I spend the next hour to hour half working on the blog, WattPad, language lessons, or do some research.

By 4:30pm we get ready to take the dogs to the park for a walk. We do one lap around, which takes so long because Angel likes to stop and smell everything that’s interesting. Then we go to a little island in the park that has bridges to it and we let the dogs go around off leash. When we’re done, we take Meli and Paws back to mom’s house then we head home.

I take a shower immediately coming home, I hate feeling sweaty. Then it’s dinner time. After dinner, my evening is spent either on my laptop working on the blog or watching tv.

Around 10pm, I take my bedtime insulin, but I don’t go to bed yet. I usually stay up until 1am, which I’m sure does wonders on my blood sugar in the morning.

And because I went to sleep so late, I will wake up late as well.

My days are pretty boring during quarantine and I hope after being so bored here I’ll live a less boring life after quarantine. Yea, right. But here’s to hoping that I won’t want to be cooped up in the house all day ever again.

One day, I hope to buy a DSLR camera and go out and take photos of my island. We plan to move to the mainland one day and I think I’m gonna need those photos to remind me of where I came from. I also want to make a video of all of my favorite places to take with us. I also want to do some painting. Maybe I can do some of that now. So many possibilities.