Questions to Ask Your Doctor

So your doctor has officially diagnosed you with diabetes. That’s pretty heavy, but don’t let this be your downfall. Let this diagnosis be the start of your amazing journey. Here are some questions you can ask your doctor to help you on your journey.

  1. What are the results of my blood tests (especially my A1C)? What was my previous A1C and what should my goal number be?
  2. What is my blood sugar target? How often do I need to test my blood sugar levels?
  3. What diet and exercise changes can I make to be healthier?
  4. Are oral medications an option for me?
  5. Could non-insulin injections help me manage my diabetes?
  6. Why are there two types of insulin (basal, or long-acting, and bolus, or rapid-acting)? Are either of them right for me right now?
  7. What is low blood sugar and what can I do to avoid a low blood sugar?
  8. Can you recommend a diabetes education program or a diabetes educator?
  9. Do I need to consult a dietician?
  10. How many times should I check my blood sugar each day?

These questions can help you and your healthcare team come up with a treatment and management plan. Knowing this information can help you come up with a plan for exercise, diet, and diabetes management.

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