My Top 5 Favorite Food Swaps

I understand that it takes a lot of discipline and willpower to change your lifestyle. Unfortunately, I don’t have nearly enough strength to do it for myself right now, but I do understand the importance and what I need to do to better myself and that is always a great start.

On May 6th, I wrote a post about the Top 10 Food Swaps for Diabetics. Of those 10, I have a couple of favorites that I use myself. I do other things too that have helped me on my journey.

1. Quinoa

I’ve replaced white rice with quinoa cooked in low sodium chicken broth just to give it some flavor. However, quinoa is expensive, at least here in Hawaii it is. Almost $13 per pound at some places. The cheapest I found it was $4.50 per pound but that’s still a lot. Quinoa is my favorite swap for rice it’s just expensive.

2. Lettuce

I love using lettuce leaves instead of hamburger buns and bread for sandwiches. They make cute little lettuce wraps with turkey and cheese. It’s light, easy, and fun to eat. It’s less filling by itself but that just means you can enjoy more of them without the added carbs of bread! Instead of two sandwiches, I usually have four lettuce wraps which basically have the same amount of fillings as the two sandwiches anyway just minus the carbs. I always get self conscious of having a stack of sandwiches on my plate but if I have a pile of lettuce wraps, it looks healthier and I trick myself in to thinking I’m being healthy.

3. Fruit-infused Water

Did you know that different combinations of fruits, veggies, and herbs infused in water has different health benefits? Like boost your immune system, flush toxins from your system, and increase energy to name a few. My favorite fruit-infused water is cucumber slices and strawberries with a couple mint leaves. You don’t want to leave the fruits and things in the water for too long though, they’ll get mushy and gross floating there. I have mine sit for an hour or two then take them out and eat them.

4. Use a Small Plate

The reason why I like using a smaller plate and bowl is because it tricks me into thinking I’m eating a lot of food (my “normal” amount) when in reality I’m not. Even if I go back for seconds with my small bowl, it’s really equal to one normal plate. Plus, if we don’t have quinoa and I eat rice, I don’t have a lot of room on my small plate to fit a lot of rice as well as all the veggies I want to eat. It really does help.

5. More Veggies

My grandma pickles cucumbers and Japanese radishes. I love her recipe, they make eating veggies more enjoyable. I’ve been eating more veggies because of it. Every chance I get, I put veggies on my plate. A salad for lunch every now and then is also a good thing.