The Journey: Episode Fifteen

June 21, 2020

I woke up this morning and checked my blood sugar, it was 156 mg/dL. No bueno. So tonight I’ve decided to go up to 80 units of insulin. I’ve poked my right thigh as much as I could while keeping at least 1/4 inch distance between injection sites. I just can’t bunch up enough skin and fat to have a less painful injection, I think I should put the injection sites closer together. I’ve only injected four times into my right thigh.

I’m a little nervous about injecting in to my left thigh tonight because I don’t trust my left hand so I have to reach over and inject while making sure my hand stays steady. When it moves too much while the needle is injected it can hurt a lot.

One thing I’m not happy about is that I can’t really tell where I have recently injected. My most recent one still shows sign of the site, but the earlier ones have already started fading. I’ve been thinking about marking my skin with a sharpie or something but then, you know, skin absorbs all kinds of stuff and I don’t want it to absorb ink near my insulin injection site. But I’m afraid I won’t remember where I injected on my right thigh when I come back to it in 4 to 5 days. I’m not sure what I can do about that.

Also, I’m on the low carb diet. Hopefully this will help bring my sugar readings down in the morning with the increased 80 units. Given my sugars have been pretty high lately I’m not too worried about lows on this challenge and with more insulin. However, if I should go low, I will adjust my insulin accordingly. Now I can only get three shots out of each pen. Diabetes is so expensive.

None of my insurance covers insulin but thank goodness for the Lantus savings card otherwise I’d be paying for all of my insulin at once. But I still have to pay $92/box of five pens. Now one box is only good for about 15 days unless I use up the last of one pen and then use some of the next pen to make 80, but that means two injects on that night. Yikes, maybe not.

I need to take better control of my diabetes management. I have to do more indoor exercising for sure. The weather here in Hilo, HI has been all over the place. One day it’s hot and sunny, the next is pouring rain. Some days it’ll start out hot and sunny then end up pouring from noon to dusk or vice versa. So I should rely more on at-home exercise. I should make any excuse to get up and move around too.

I also need to drink tons of water and use the bathroom a lot. Which means we need to buy more toilet paper. There’s a lot I have to and sometimes it feels very overwhelming. So much so that I don’t want to do much sometimes. But even just a little bit of something is better than nothing.

If your diabetes has you down and you’re just overwhelmed with managing your diabetes, don’t give up. Do something, anything, no matter how small. Doing something like drinking more water or drinking water at all, is a step in the right direction. You’ve got this! We’ve got this! Never give up on yourself. Diabetes will make you stronger.

EDIT: I have decided against upping my insulin to 80 units. Since I’ve just started the 30 Day Low Carb Challenge this could impact my blood sugar so I want to see how it goes from here for the next couple of days. Also I have another doctor appointment on Friday so we’ll see what happens.

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