Season Three: Episode Five

FEBRUARY 13, 2022

For the 15th year in a row, my Super Bowl luck has come through. For the 15th year in a row, the team I rooted for LOST. Without fail, I root for the loser. I tell my family, “If last year was any indicator, if you want a team to win, tell me to root for the other team!” I really was hoping the Bengals would win.

Now I’m sitting in my room at 10pm recounting the past Super Bowl halftime shows. This year’s was great it was like all the concerts I’ve always wanted to see rolled in to one. I wish it was longer though. Last year’s was awesome even mid-pandemic. Maroon 5 though. I’ll leave it at that.

Let’s see, I still haven’t set an appointment with my endocrinologist because I only just got my insurance cards a couple days ago and I have to update my profile eventually and see what’s available, probably nothing in the near future.

My foot doctor appointment went well. Nothing strange or crazy with my feet thankfully. I hope I can keep my appointments annually for a long time. Not gonna lie, I do get some pains and tingles. I have a suspicion that my big toes are losing some feeling but I can still feel and the pains aren’t long lasting and they aren’t frequent. So until they get worse, I’ll keep going. If something changes, I will head straight to my doctor.

So far everything else is going okay health-wise. I have gained a couple pounds since the year started. But I have plateaued and I haven’t gained anymore weight thankfully. But I’m not losing it either. I’m at 191lbs now. And I wanted to badly to be at 180 by now. My weight loss goal is to lose 15 pounds since starting which was a start of 195. If I reached 180, then I would be rewarded by my husband. He was gonna build another Gunpla model for me to display and it’s a pretty one.

But alas, I didn’t lose the weight. I’m still trying though. I think I stopped when I left my job and started working from home again. With access to food at my fingertips instead of being too bust to eat, I’ve gained some weight back.

I’m still making the time to walk my dog every day, but with the rainy season and all the slippery sidewalks and roads, I’m pretty limited but I still try to stay active by walking around in my house every so often. So I’m not sitting and vegetating. I’m also drinking water with the occasional juice and staying away from soda completely.

It’s a work in progress, but I’ll keep working at it. I can and will get down to 130 lbs and make healthier choices. Also remember to tell your loved ones that you love them. Life’s too short not to love the people closest to you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

The Journey: Episode Six

APRIL 5, 2020

So I’m a little bit a lot upset. Three days straight my morning blood sugar has been higher than normal, over 150 mg/dL. We’ve been having dinner a bit late but I’ve eaten by 8:30pm. I took my berberine, did some exercises and after three days, it was still high. So last night I decided to go up to 50 units of bedtime insulin. I woke up and took my blood sugar and it was still a bit high. 128mg/dL just three marks above my goal. I’m a little upset that I had to go up in insulin after a little over three weeks at 45 units.

My weight has pretty much stayed the same. Which is completely lame. I’m getting out, I’m sweating, my heart rate is up. Physically activity isn’t my issue now I guess. It’s literally what I eat. If it wasn’t for this damn coronavirus, everything wouldn’t be either expensive or out of stock. We’re literally just buying whatever is available and making whatever we can with whatever we have.

Hopefully this all ends soon so I can find replacements for the things I currently have. I will be making a post sometime either this month or next that will be all about the foods diabetics can swap for something healthier. While I’m creating it I will definitely look into how much it’ll cost too. I know for myself, quinoa would be a better alternative than rice, but since rice is more available and affordable right now than quinoa, I have to make do with it.

I guess for now, the most I can do is just keep my weight steady. I don’t want to become victim of the Quarantine 15 and gain 15 pounds while trapped in my home. At least my state has allowed residents to get exercise outside. My sisters and I try to keep our dog walks around one hour. It’s pretty much the only time we go outside besides taking trash to the dump and running to the store to get essentials, still haven’t been able to find toilet paper. It’ll be a real accomplishment to weigh 200 pounds at the end of this quarantine.

Tomorrow, I have a doctor appointment to refill my other prescriptions. I forgot to call and see how the appointment will go, but I suppose I just go in, because they didn’t call me either. My endocrinology appointment will be done over the phone since I’m too afraid to fly to Oahu for my appointment. The bulk of our coronavirus cases are on Oahu right now and I’d be stuck there for hours depending on when the flights home would be. Last I checked, Southwest was canceling most of their flights so I’d have a flight over in the morning but because my appointment is at 3pm, I wouldn’t be able to catch a flight out on Southwest, I might have to fly another airline. But at least I can do it over the phone. I have a blood test to do the week before, then they’ll call me around my appointment time and we’ll go from there. I’ll probably get more insulin.

For now this is what’s up, I’m still fat, we have food (not super healthy but it’s the best we can do), our chest freezer is defrosted and devoid of all the old food from five years ago (yuck!), I’m getting exercise almost every day (as long as it’s not raining, like today), and I’m trying to maintain my weight and blood sugar to the best of my ability. Great stuff.

Since I’m currently unemployed, I have a lot more time to work on my blog and I’m also writing fanfiction for fun. I’m also taking an online course for graphic design and learning Spanish and American Sign Language on the side, just to keep my brain from rotting. Hopefully my new skills will make me valuable in the workplace.

When this is over, I really want to go for a long coastal drive and play my music loud with the windows down and enjoy some time in the open, fresh air. Good luck to those of you in quarantine and lockdown. Hopefully this ends soon and we can all go outside again.

One of the last pictures I have of my dad, when I graduated from high school in 2012. Also one of our last family photos before he passed away.

Featured Story #1: Courtney D.

My dad was my hero. I always thought there was nothing that could happen to him. He was the strongest man I knew. He had type 2 diabetes since he was 18 years old. From some old pictures, he was overweight since he was a child. I never knew what diabetes was and that is one of my biggest regrets. Sometimes, I think that maybe if my family and I really understood diabetes and what you could do to manage it, maybe he would still be here today.

He was 43 when he passed away in 2014. We never really found out what had happened that day. He had so many health problems that any one of them could have been what did it. There were so many different factors that could have been the tipping point, but we could have done so many things that could have changed that.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2016. In 2018, I took a diabetes management class for a couple weeks that helped me learn more about the disease. I wish I had known all that stuff when dad needed it the most. Diet and exercise is the key. However, my dad’s diet was difficult. He had diabetes, heart problems, and he was on dialysis. Some of the foods on the dialysis diet weren’t good for diabetes and vice versa.

Either way, he could have used more exercise. All we had to do was go outside for a walk with him and we didn’t do that often enough. I wish we had. I wish we had done more. But there’s no way we can go back, there is only learning from the past so we don’t make the same mistake in the future. All I can do is do for myself what I couldn’t for my dad.

The Journey: Episode Two

FEBRUARY 20, 2020

My insulin is not exactly working right now. I have had to up it to 35 units and I’m going to take my second dose tonight so I will see if it’s working.

Currently these are the medications I’m on:

  • Lantus 35 units, once daily
  • Metformin 1000mg, twice daily
  • Glyburide 5mg, twice daily
  • Lisinopril 20mg, once daily
  • Pravastatin 20mg, once daily
  • Lutera, once daily

I’m also experimenting with some supplements as well:

  • Cissus Quadrangularis: tendon and ligament support, weight management, and mood support
  • D-Mannose: urinary tract support
  • Berberine: blood sugar support, cholesterol support, and a healthy gut
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: weight loss support, blood sugar level support, and detoxification

In one of my posts, Some Signs You Might Have Diabetes, one of the symptoms is frequent urination and yeast infection. I have had some issues with urinary tract infections and so far the D-Mannose is the healthiest thing I could find that did not need a prescription. So far I think it’s been working but I am not entirely sure how I would know if it works or not. The D-Mannose is supposed to attract the bacteria that causes urinary infection then exit through the urine.

My husband and I are seriously considering moving out of state. We live in Hawaii and the cost of living here is ridiculous. We are thinking of moving to the mainland and trying to start over. It would put a lot of things on hold for us. We have to save up money to ship our car and find a place to stay up there. I’m going to continue to take my medications and supplements and work on exercising on the cheap.

We’re going to figure it out and I’ll keep you folks updated. Hey, it’s a how to go through a move and life change while on diabetes.

I want to know what you want to learn about diabetes. Take this survey to let me know what you are interested in learning.

The Journey: Episode One

FEBRUARY 10, 2020

So if you do not already know, I was diagnosed with diabetes in February 2016. For a long time, it has been out of control. I wanted to try to change my lifestyle so I could avoid insulin, but I could not keep myself accountable and I kept falling off the bandwagon. This is the documentation of my journey with diabetes.

Since my most recent appointment with my endocrinologist on Jan 23, I have been on insulin. I wanted to avoid poking myself every day if I could, but it was not possible. I was originally put on Ozempic back in Oct 2019, but it was over $400 for one pen that lasted a month. I liked Ozempic because it was one shot a week, but that price was ridiculous. I felt a lot better on Ozempic than just taking my pills and I was sad that I could not continue to afford it.

I am not a big fan of my insulin, but thankfully it is just once a day at bedtime. Some times I hit a nerve and it hurts really bad. Some times there is no pain at all. My doctor had me start off with 20 units for five days and if my blood sugar first thing in the morning was not under 125mg/dl then I had to up it five units for five more days and just keep monitoring. I have gotten to 30 units so far and I am surprised that it is working very well just not as well as we want it to right now. We are trying to find my sweet spot right now.

My prescription for insulin was over $1000 to get all of my boxes. I have no idea why they wanted me to take all of my prescription one time and charge me one time. But I was able to find a savings card online that made it possible to just get one box at a time for $99. That is much more affordable for me. My health insurance completely sucks.

I am not a fan of poking myself every night with insulin and then checking my blood sugar in the morning. All this poking hurts.

So far I weigh about 190lbs and I’m trying to get down to 160lbs by December 2020. I definitely want to have an update section with my measurements and weight as well as a post of my goals.