The Journey: Episode Seven (Easter Edition)

APRIL 12, 2020

Happy Easter! Or, I suppose, the day after Easter. For most of my life, Easter was literally about the egg hunt and loads of candy afterward. My sisters and I helped our parents pack the eggs the night before and my parents would hide them the next morning. Usually, before 8am they’d go out and we were released at 9am. I loved dyeing the eggs when we were little. Then I turned 12 and it was mostly for my sisters. Then we all got too old, but thankfully my aunty had a son when I was 11. By the time we were too old for eggs, Hunter was just the age for the hunt and we got to do it all over again for him. Then Hunter’s sister, my cousin Kale, had a son and we were doing it all over again for him. In 2015, I had an egg hunt for my husband (then boyfriend) because he never had one before and I thought it was so much fun doing it for him. He loved it and we shared the candy afterwards.

Now that’s my history of the egg hunt. Easter has always been about the candy and my grandma’s honey baked ham (YUM). Now I’m 25 turning 26 this year. Coronavirus is a thing and the Merrie Monarch was canceled this year. Merrie Monarch is an annual hula festival that takes place here in my hometown of Hilo. Every year, Hawaiian craft and clothes vendors flock to Hilo and sell their special Merrie Monarch collections. It brings much needed revenue to the town. Now that’s all changed.

In August of 2018, I started going to church just as something to do with my coworkers. When I was little, I used to sleepover for the entire weekend at my friends houses and we’d go to church on Sunday, whatever church they went to. So I’ve been to a lot of different churches and seen a lot of different denominations. Last year, I ended up getting baptized and joining a Christian church in my area. Last Easter, before I was baptized, I went to their service and I enjoyed the service very much. I just watched their Easter service online and it got me thinking.

I’m really glad I joined the church last year and I have this faith to kind of keep me sane during this pandemic. Everything seems so bleak and depressing and it feels really good to have a faith to keep me sane. But at the same time, during this quarantine and lockdown I’ve been thinking about how this will change our society when it’s over. How will it change holidays, sports, and school?

Do you know how much candy goes in to this holiday? I was thinking how can we change that? How can we take the sweets out completely or at least decrease it? Then I saw a video on Tik Tok. I follow a lady called CouponKatie and she showed how she does Easter for her kids. Besides candy, she also puts some money and small toys in the eggs. Nothing more than $5 bills but that’s up to you and small lego figurines and other toys that can fit in to eggs. I thought that was a fabulous idea!

So for my diabetic parents or parents of diabetic children, save your plastic Easter eggs for next year and cut back on the candy and fill them with other items like change and toys! Guess what we’re having for dinner tonight. The very not-diabetic-friendly dish of kalbi (YUMMM). If you want the recipe for that (and I know it’s not diabetic friendly) just comment below and I can share it this coming Saturday. My husband has had it marinating overnight and my grandma has been craving it since she graduated from her Ornish program. Breaking the diet already.

Anyway, besides church and egg hunts, my diabetic journey isn’t going well. I have gained weight in this quarantine even with all of the healthier food and exercise. I believe it’s the unhealthy amount of snacks and the constant snacking while I’m not doing anything. It’s healthy snacks but of course, everything in moderation. How the heck can you really avoid the Quarantine-15?! How can I avoid gaining 15 pounds during this?! I’ve already gained 5 pounds here.

Otherwise, my insulin injections are getting better and I’m taking my medication and everything. My blood sugar is not within range anymore and I’ve had to up my insulin dosage to 50 units but it’s been five days so now I have to go up to 55 units tonight. I think it’s a whole bunch of factors like being locked down and snacking so much. Hopefully this pandemic ends soon and I can see if what I’m doing now (minus the snacking) is working.

In three weeks, I am going to get a blood test to check my A1C and the following week I’m gonna have my endocrinologist appointment over the phone and see what we’re gonna do next. Here’s to hoping!

Have as great an April as you folks can have out there! Stay safe and stay healthy! I love you guys!

The Journey: Episode Four

MARCH 21, 2020

Coronavirus has impacted our lives here in Hawaii. Tourists and visitors still come to the islands even though our governor asked people to stop coming. The other counties have put their islands on lockdown, restricted non-essential businesses and placed curfews on their residents and visitors, all counties except Hawaii County. My island hasn’t done anything just yet, which has upset a lot of our residents. Many companies and businesses have shut down and laid off workers, my job included. No need for tour guides when tourists are no longer coming. Plus with my diabetes, I have a compromised immune system and I had to limit my interaction with people anyway.

So I am currently jobless, hopefully after this pandemic, my job will reach out and see if I still want to come back and work for them. We’ll see how I feel about it when that time comes. Until then I have more time to work on my blog and continue working on my health. I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to go down to Liliuokalani Garden to walk our dogs around and get my exercise in. Since I don’t have work anymore I don’t get the same exercise as before. If they have shut down the park then I won’t be able to get much exercise, my neighborhood isn’t completely safe to walk around unfortunately.

We will have to see how things persist, but I will continue to try and do something in the meantime. For now, I am up to 45 units of insulin at bedtime and so far I’ve been pretty consistent around 110mg/dL. I also definitely credit taking my berberine supplement for helping with that. Lately, I’ve been bleeding from the injection site. Last night’s injection produced the most blood. My tummy was warm and I didn’t feel any pain until afterward as usual, but we think I may have knicked a vein or something. But once I wiped the blood away, it stopped bleeding. I suppose as long as it stops, I should be okay.

Right now, my endocrinologist appointment still stands for April 30 on Oahu, but if anything changes with the COVID-19 situation I may have to reschedule but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I just need to keep taking my meds and staying as active as I can be.

I’ve been very frustrated with my weight lately. I have gained it all back. I think I should go back on my apple cider vinegar supplement in hopes it’ll help control my appetite. If I go to my appointment on Oahu next month, I’d like to show that I lost weight instead of gained. Especially now that I’m not currently working. I need to exercise more and eat less. I hope I can do it.