The Journey: Episode Three

MARCH 12, 2020

So far I think I have figured out my insulin and subsequent blood glucose reading. Since my insulin is once daily at bedtime, I check my blood sugar as soon as I wake up in the morning. Which is a bit of a challenge because sometimes I will take it anywhere from 6:30 to 9:30am. Not very consistent. BUT I have figured out that if I take my berberine supplement the night before, it helps to lower my blood sugar. I can also take berberine during the day time but I don’t usually check my sugar for the rest of the day unless I have an unusual episode of hypoglycemia.

Last week Saturday to Monday, my blood sugar was great. It was well within the parameters my doctor said I should aim for (75-125 mg/dL). During those days I had heavier lunches and lighter dinners PLUS my berberine. I stopped eating after 7pm as well. On Tuesday, I did the same diet plus berberine BUT no insulin, that resulted in a higher reading. So boom that’s how I can do it: heavy lunches + light dinners + berberine + insulin = good glucose reading.

But then Friday was a bad day for me. I was eating all over the place. I still kept to the no food after 7pm. However, I had decidedly eaten fast food and other unhealthy bits. When I woke up my sugar was 154. Yikes! I was taking 40units of insulin at the time, my 10th dose. After one more dose of 40units I decided I should go up to 45units.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to get my sugar back down, so I have to go back to the reliable heavy lunch, light dinner, berberine and insulin combo and see what happens. AND I have to stay away from fast foods, soda, and other sweets.

I also managed to gain weight again. I’m super upset about that. I’m back to 200lbs and very very upset. I am trying to do whatever I can to get off my butt and moving around the house when I’m not at work. Yesterday I took my dog to the park while my husband was at work and we walked around for 2 hours. It would have probably helped but I made bad food decisions afterwards. I had an ice cream cone… I wanted to get a healthier option but the ice cream shop was closed, I suspect because of the coronavirus. It was so hot yesterday and I really wanted that ice cream. Many regrets.

My husband and I want to start trying for a family one day and I found out that if your A1C is over 9% your baby can be born with a birth defect. For a diabetic, it’s best to get your A1C down to 6.5% before you begin trying. That’s a long way for me, but I really want to get there. I already have the names of our children if we ever get there. This is my dream and I have to fight for it.

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