The Journey

This is a documentation of my own journey and how I am coping with my own diabetes. I am not perfect. I am not an expert. I am just someone trying to live my best life with the people around me.

Weekly updates of my journey posted every Monday ♥
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Season Three: Episode Thirteen

MAY 26, 2022 So I just got out of my dentist appointment. I got my teeth cleaned for the first time in like five or six years. As a diabetic, oral health is really important because you could lose your teeth. I got dental insurance for the first time in years and I found out […]

Season Three: Episode Twelve

APRIL 11, 2022 So my A1C is at 10.2. That’s not good. Last Thursday I went to do my DOT physical for work. Because of my sugars, the doctor only cleared me for three months then I have to go back in and do a recheck. I have to get my sugar under control in […]

Season Three: Episode Eleven

APRIL 4, 2022 Health Update! I got my blood taken last week Thursday to check my A1C. As it turns out the last time I got it checked was a year ago. It was 8.7 last March and wow it got worse since then. I’m at 10.2 now. What a failure. I’m very upset with […]

Season Three: Episode Ten

MARCH 20, 2022 This week I’m going to call around to see where I can get a Department of Transportation physical for work. I also have to get my drivers abstract but the DOT physical is the hardest to get. There are 13 places in Hilo that I can get one done. Besides our Urgent […]

Season Three: Episode Nine

MARCH 13, 2022 I have apparently gained two pounds since my last doctor visit on February 11. What a shame. I am currently 194 lbs. I’m a little disappointed in that since my lowest weight last year was 186lbs and since then it’s kind of gone up. It’s definitely because I’m eating more. I’ve been […]

Season Three: Episode Eight

MARCH 6, 2022 I have my next PCP appointment this week for a refill of my prescriptions. I wish I could get an earlier appointment with my endocrinologist. I’m wondering, the mask mandates in Hawaii are supposed to go away by the end of the month. Supposedly. So does that mean my doctor will no […]

Season Three: Episode Seven

FEBRUARY 27, 2022 So far this nothing to report. I have a PCP appointment next week to refill my prescriptions and then an eye appointment later in March to check my visual field. I have noticed my left eye’s periphery is starting to decrease but I’m still able to see okay. My left eye is […]

Season Three: Episode Six

FEBRUARY 21, 2022 Today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 51. He died eight years ago now. We don’t know what took him from us but we found him in the morning and it was the hardest day of my life thus far. He had diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, and probably a […]

Season Three: Episode Five

FEBRUARY 13, 2022 For the 15th year in a row, my Super Bowl luck has come through. For the 15th year in a row, the team I rooted for LOST. Without fail, I root for the loser. I tell my family, “If last year was any indicator, if you want a team to win, tell […]

Season Three: Episode Four

FEBRUARY 6, 2022 Happy Black History Month! Something a little different for a journey update this week. I have mixed feelings on Black History Month. I don’t think we should relegate African American history to only one month. We shouldn’t highlight black history and black businesses and just general blackness to one month. It should […]

Season Three: Episode Three

JANUARY 24, 2022 Nothing much to report. This past week I’ve had a couple of high blood sugar days and I can tell because I’ll get extremely thirsty, very hot, and really tired. I think it was Wednesday or Thursday, I literally slept almost the entire day. That’s not good. I’ve been keeping up with […]

Season Three: Episode Two

JANUARY 17, 2022 Things are slow going. I’m still trying to get health insurance through Healthcare Marketplace. I’ve got it but they need to verify my credits used towards it and that takes a hot second. I’ve already got my dental plan going. I have to wait until after February 1 to do any doctor […]

Season Three: Episode One

JANUARY 9, 2022 Happy New Year! It’s been a long while. 2021 was not a good year for me. I lost myself a little bit and it took me a little while to get back to myself. My insurance switched prescription providers or whatever and they no longer authorized insulin. My endo and I tried […]

Season Two: Episode Six

MARCH 28, 2021 This week I had an eye appointment for my new glasses. My eyes have gotten a little worse in the last three years. In the past year, I’ve been getting headaches from wearing my glasses so I knew I needed a new prescription. I’m glad I’m getting new ones. My ophthalmologist said […]

Season Two: Episode Five

MARCH 15, 2021 I have my Endocrinologist appointment set for next week Friday. I just went and got my lab work done this past Saturday. I forgot how much I hate needles. It hurt like a bugger. I had to make an appointment with our lab to do my blood stuff and the whole night […]


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